24 de mayo de 2017

#ArtWeek Alien

Mi participación en la dinámica del #ArtWeek , esta vez con el tema de Alien.


My first entry on a weekly art exercise called #ArtWeek, this time the topic was Alien.

10 de abril de 2017

#ArtWeek Stephen King

Mi primer participación en la dinámica del #ArtWeek , esta semana con el tema de Stephen King.
Un homenaje al libro y película de Salem's Lot, con un formato de comic de terror y sus portadas que siempre me han fascinado.


My first entry on a weekly art exercise called #ArtWeek, this weeks topic was Stephen King.
Did a homage to Salem's Lot book/movie with the look of a vintage horror comic book.

25 de noviembre de 2016

Character Design Challenge "Gladiator"

In a world ruled by Carnivores, plant eaters are often stolen from their families at a very early age and are used as entertainment in the city. They don't tend to last very long, however this guy here has managed to do so, but not without a few scars on the way.
Hope you dig it! (No pun intended)

21 de septiembre de 2016

An area which we call the Twilight Zone.

Few things can describe the love i have for The Twilight Zone, an amazing show and a huge influence on Sci-Fi stuff we see today.

Character Design Challenge: Centaur

Character Design Challenge for September, with the topic "Centaur".

Based on the ancient Lakota story of the "White Buffalo Calf Woman", a sacred figure and the one who brought the Seven Sacred Rites to the Lakota people.

5 de septiembre de 2016


Finished watching "Jessica Jones" the other day and loved every minute of it! Did a little fanart of it.